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Hana Yamada - Japantag 2017 by Hana4live Hana Yamada - Japantag 2017 :iconhana4live:Hana4live 9 0
Multi TG - The Cosplay Club (Part 1)
It was quite the lovely morning at the Rockhead High School Gym. The sky was clear, the weather just fresh enough, and all the students were spending their Sunday out playing or going out with friends or what not. Well, all of them except for a small group of four students, who were currently sitting on the bleachers wasting the morning away. From their impatient looks, it seemed the four boys were waiting for either something to happen, or more specifically, someone to arrive. One of them – a tall, blond boy in a dark red shirt – looked into his watch, before letting out a sigh.
"Damn it, where is she?" he said, crossing his arms exasperated. "She said she'd be here by 9:00. It's 9:46!"
"Calm down, Eric," replied another boy, one wearing a white button-up shirt and thick-rimmed glasses who was sitting on the bottom section. The brown-haired boy pushed his glasses up before turning back to look at his friend. "She probably got stuck in traffic or something."
"How do you kno
:iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 107 20
Blue Rose by Wyukig Blue Rose :iconwyukig:Wyukig 12 1
Never going back - What's her secret Ch.01
Nathan was on his way home. He just graduated from high school and was looking forward to summer vacation. Finally he could take some time off and relax. He glanced down towards his graduation diploma and thought to himself about what to do next in life. He stared out the car window,  lost in thought. His mother, Kimberly glanced over at him with a smile and happy voice. 
“so Nathan, you’ve graduated and I bet there’ll be celebrations coming up. Planning on joining your class mates?"
He thought for a while and just let out a short reply, “I guess I’ll drop by, but it’ll probably be boring anyway.."
His mother noticed his lack of enthusiasm and pried further; “Oh ? Not gonna go off with a bang along with your friends ? What about any cute girls ?"
He thought for a while before replying “Sure I’ll go and show everyone how socially awkward I am at big parties.
:iconsillytwitch:sillytwitch 30 2
Mature content
A Performance for a Lifetime: Part 1 :iconnakaris:Nakaris 15 3
Mature content
Robo-Hooker Part 1 (Sex-bot TG Body-Swap) :iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 128 6
Mature content
Robotizer 1 :icondkfenger:dkfenger 95 77
VibR8in2/ Prologue.
ViBR8in2 / Prologue
Editor ZedDB
The story consist of Professor Nina who is working independently among other researchers under a clinical & research Corporation called WRC (Woman Research Centre), the research ranges from various aspects of woman health to clinical lab-ware. However for Nina, things turned out quite differently.
Over years of research, she noticed a constant trend in the decreasing number of males among the population. The number is not yet staggering but through her advanced computer algorithm projections, it's predicted that it will reach a tipping point within 10-15 years. From her research as well, she discovered that this is beyond her ability to do anything about it. It is almost as if the human population is on an oncoming self depletion. 
She presented this matter on several conferences, where most responses even by prominent scientists were negative and even considered her projection as a kooks theory. She also proposed a solution to such matter whi
:icondmf0:dmf0 40 27
girl skinsuit 3 part 1 by FearsomeTrain16
Mature content
girl skinsuit 3 part 1 :iconfearsometrain16:FearsomeTrain16 43 0
Bodysuit 23 #191 by Megazone23pt2 Bodysuit 23 #191 :iconmegazone23pt2:Megazone23pt2 115 45 Kobachacon - Kigurumi Ride 2 by Dark13falz Kobachacon - Kigurumi Ride 2 :icondark13falz:Dark13falz 9 3 How to Draw Boobs by ragingtofu How to Draw Boobs :iconragingtofu:ragingtofu 10,933 1,117
Xenomorph Costume TF
“I can’t wait.” Emma looked at me nervously, her anticipation obvious on her face. I simply looked at my girlfriend and nodded. Emma was a shy, soft-spoken girl with clear, electric-blue eyes and a delicate face framed by sleek blond hair. I found myself often wondering how I came to be her boyfriend- me! With somebody like her! A girl so sweet and kind and smart that the first time I saw her, I never had a chance. Thankfully she somehow liked me.
We were sitting in her room, alone in the middle of the night. Emma had invited me over to her house- but not officially, since neither of our parents approved of each other (for some odd reason). So, Emma had snuck me in literally through the back door. With a little bit of trouble, of course- I’m not exactly the stealthiest ninja ever. I had to focus very intently on my feet the whole way up to her room as her parents snored quietly from the bedroom across, and even then I tripped on three separate stairs on the way
:icondeanono:deanono 64 10
The Magic Bra : Chapter 3 - A TG Story
It had been about 2 weeks since Jeremy discovered the bra, and it was time for his flight to Paris, and he was 5 minutes away from the airport. Throughout those 2 weeks, he had experimented a bit with the bra. He had amassed quite a collection of themes thanks to his late sister and mother's bras, and be had even packed a few in case he needed to change cup sizes. Even though the bra can change his clothes, he packed some girl clothes just in case. He had taken them from his sister's closet, and he was sure that some belonged to her friends who used to come over often and dress up.
You wouldn't think that Jeremy, being who he was, would be this excited about the bra. After all, it was only 2 weeks ago that he was ready to kick Grace out for even suggesting that he should wear it. However, during those 2 weeks, Jeremy had thought about it a bit. His life really was lackluster, so maybe this would shake things up a bit. He wasn't gonna stay as a girl forever, but he sure as hell was gonn
:iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 261 19
Memories and Accidents
Chapter One.
Memories and Accidents
It was dark, the large creature was in pain "hang on my love, she's almost out",  A man's voice said.   "Troy my darling," the creature said panting, "i can already tell this baby will not be like me, you must promise me that you will raise it in your world and keep it safe."   The creature howled in pain as the sounds of a baby crying began "It's a girl, she's beautiful Aracnie." Troy said "What shall we call her?"  The creature gave a relieved sigh.  "Call her........." BUZZZZZZZZZ went an annoying sound "Alright, I'm up" the young girl shouted as she sat up in bed and shut off the alarm clock.  "Ariel, time to get up" her dad called from behind the door. "Alright dad," she called back as she reached for her socks "that strange dream again, and why was my dad in it this time?" she whispered to herself.
Ariel stood up and walked to the mirror, and stood there, she was 17 years old
:iconsweetlisaheart:sweetlisaheart 34 12


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